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Welcome to our family farm nestled in the beautiful Northumberland Hills! We take great pride in what we do and now we’re proud to offer you our pasture-raised beef and artisanal chicken.

About Our

Our grain fed, pasture-raised beef is guaranteed free of hormones and other additives. All of our cattle live naturally, outdoors in pastures that are environmentally safe. No growth hormones are injected.

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Green Family Farm Free-Range Chicken and Beef
Green Family Farm Free-Range Chicken and Beef

About Our
Artisanal Chicken:

Our artisanal chicken, grown from select chicks that lead a natural outdoor existance, finding new pasture every day with our movable chicken pens. No growth hormones, no tiny caged living spaces and no harmful treatment.

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We’re serious about what we do. That’s why our mission is to raise the best-tasting most nutritiously rich chicken and beef, while ensuring that our animals’ quality of life is natural and healthy. We aim to provide our customers with a delicious product they’ll be proud to serve.
Rob Green