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We’re in the business of raising healthy artisanal chickens.

Siobhan Green, one of our daughters, is in charge of raising our artisanal chickens. Siobhan intends to go to university to study law, her participation in this family farm business will make that possible! Rob

Pasture-raised chicken! Our first batch of 150 chicks has arrived at the farm. Our quota is 300 and this batch of chicks only represents a portion of the number of chickens we will be eventually raising. The name of the game at the outset is QUALITY not QUANTITY!

Chicken Farmers of Ontario

Our Chicken farm has been certified by the Chicken Farmer’s of Ontario.

When we receive our chicks they are 24-48 hours old and we immediately house them in a warm brooder barn until they grow larger and are able to go outside each day to forage in our movable chicken pens where they’ll get natural sunlight, fresh air, insects, plant seeds and vegetation while roaming “free.” Being outside and thus “pasture-raised chicken,” they’ll be able to peck and eat a natural diet as chickens should.

Our specially-built, movable pens are towed to a different spot in our pasture every day so there’s always fresh pickins! Different vegetation, such as clover, spinach and alfalfa are also there for our chickens to eat. And adding some accessible wood chip piles  attracts the protein-rich insects that all chickens love. To supplement the diet, we’re adding a premium, organic, GMO-free feed mix.

To keep our flock safe from hungry predators, we make sure they’re housed in a secure environment every night. After all, happy, healthy chickens are the best pasture-raised birds we can produce for you and your family. Our family wouldn’t have it any other way!

Keep posted as we will be adding more photos as they grow. Just click the pictures to enlarge them.

Want to know more about Ontario’s Artisanal Chicken Program and what it means? click here

Siobhan Green

UPDATE: Our first batch of pasture-raised, artisanal chickens has been processed, frozen and is ready for sale! Order yours now using the form below. We can ship or they can be picked up at the farm. Thanks!

Our price is $4.99/lb. with average whole chicken being about $30.00

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Here are some photos of our chickens as they grow in our pasture: